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BEC Media

Our development process

We are really excited to engage in an awesome project together!

Before we get to work, please take a minute to read about our internal processes.

This is helpful because each project is dependent on a budget and a timeframe, and understanding our development process will support us to achieve our goals and fuel a healthy relationship. We’ve tried to make this as simple as possible, by dividing it into 5 major components:

  • It's most likely that your project is going to need some design work.

  • Before we start designing, we should work together, tie in all the pieces and have a clear representation on what each page should contain (a clear discussion, sketch or wireframes).

  • We will ask you to approve the first draft. It might not be perfect at this stage, so please be honest if you don't think that the overall concept is in-line with your objectives. It will be much more difficult to change things as the project moves forward.

  • You're restricted to a number of iterations per page, this is our the best way to keep everything under control. Therefore, it's best to gather as much relevant information as possible in each feedback round.

  • Having the first page in check, we will use it as a starting point for the next ones.

  • Based on our discussions and project specifications, we will establish the estimated period of time necessary to complete the project.

  • We know that projects might be adjusted along the way, it's OK and we've accounted for this.

  • It's hard to keep our original estimates when the project goes beyond the original scope of work; if this happens, we will be transparent about it, inform you about possible delays and request an addition to those deliverables.

  • You have a killer idea that will greatly increase the quality of the deliverable! Our advice is to think it over, maybe it's better for now to leave the initial scope unchanged and test your assumptions with a live product.

  • To make sure your new project works as intended, we have a thorough testing process in place. Based on the initial project scope, we're building a testing plan and putting our best testers to work.

  • Testers run checks on the project against the testing plan and send us a QA report so we can fix any omissions or bugs that were keeping your project from being perfect.

  • You have to provide the content.

  • This is also a very important component of the project, so you have to take enough time in order to have the best content available: relevant and SEO optimized.

  • If for some reason you cannot do it, it's better to get professional help just to be sure the final set-up takes place during the targeted timeframe.

  • We're happy we delivered the final product and we hope you're as excited as we are. We're sure the result is awesome, but you may need additional support along the way.

  • Because we probably know each other pretty well by now, you can be assured that we understand your business objectives and we can deliver the desired result when it comes to your design / development needs.

  • Based on our collaboration, you may contract us upon request (with a specific task in mind) and we will treat it as a stand alone project component.

  • If you want more flexibility, we can work on a retainer (a monthly/regular set of hours - prioritized, discounted and paid in advance).